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I'm in the UK

There are 3 questions to ask:
  1. Do I want the board now or can I wait a week or more?
  2. Do I want the special offer of an additional playing board (via Pacru Ltd only)?
  3. I am eligible for any special discounts (via Pacru Ltd only)?

1. Can you wait?

In the UK you can currently get the Pacru 302 series from
a) Pacru Ltd (mail order only)
b) A shop which will be quicker, but may not be cheaper depending on what discounts Pacru Ltd offer and what the shop may offer.

All the information below relates to orders to Pacru Ltd only.

Please note all quoted prices are inclusive of VAT at 17.5%

The recommended retail price of Pacru 302 is now £23.70 and Pacru Ltd normally sell the game directly for this price for a slower delivery even though this includes the postage and packing (delivery may take up to 28 days, though normally rather faster than that - but basically at our convenience) or for £28 if you want it in the next 1-4 days.

You can pay by paypal or cheque made payable to Pacru Ltd. You may however be eligible for extra discounts (you can do something to earn yourself an extra discount). See here.

You can mail order a game emailing us.

Pacru Ltd have a few extra 302 gameboards for sale. What the extra board means is that
a) if you are four players, you can choose to play 2 two-player games at the same time
b) if you usually just play with two, you could lend the gameboard and two of the marker-and-chevron colours to someone else
c) you could put one board on your wall as a piece of abstract art etc.

Extra Discounts

There are four ways you can get extra discount on a Pacru 302 set. These extra discount offers will apply until further notice.
  1. You can record yourself pronouncing "Pacru, Azacru & Shacru" for our pronounciation page. For this simple act (if you have the technology to hand) you will get a £1 discount.

  2. You can get in contact from an established games group. If you are the first person from that group buying Pacru, and you are happy to take Pacru along to a games evening and introduce the game to the other members then you can get a £3 discount. Just let us know the name of the games group and where we could find contact details for the group (it's unlikely but we might get in touch to confirm your participation in the group).

  3. You can play ten games of Pacru on-line across the internet with somebody else. For this you will get a £2 discount. To clarify this would not include you playing against the computer, or side by side with a friend - only games across the internet get recorded. Let us know who you are before you get to play ten games (when you play across the net, you give yourself a name (no spaces in name) so email us when you've played a few games to associated that name with you!).

  4. You can play thirty games of Pacru on-line across the internet with somebody else. For this you will get a £3 discount. See the details above about registration.

The maximum extra discount (i.e. in addition to any seasonal discount) you can earn is £6 on one 302 game set. However there is one way of getting the game totally free, and that is to win the championships for Pacru or Azacru at the Manchester UK Open, Mind Sports Olympics or the U-Con Convention in the USA.

If it's the 101 exclusive board you're after click here