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The Pacru 101 set was made on a short run (there are now only approx 10 left for sale as of Dec 2008) and in order to stop the high price being even higher it is not generally available in shops. The UK price including VAT at 15% is £130. The US price is the amount excluding VAT but plus the postage which adds a massive £40.00 to make £153 (US dollar prices would be calculated on exchange rate at the time). There are a few games already shipped to the USA so postage price would then be internal to USA - contact us for information.

If you already own a 302 set, or if you have physcially seen a 101 set then email us directly here for details of obtaining a 101 set. The 101 board is wood veneer MDF ... and it is seriously heavy. No-one we know who has one has been disappointed ... but so far virtually all the sales have been when the buyer has seen, touched (and picked up!) the game ... and the costs of a return to both the customer and ourselves would be pretty prohibitive. Consequently our general line is to advise against buying the 101 unless you already own a 302, have seen a 101, or already know you love the game.

If you are in the UK you can also get a set via Fan Boy 3 in Manchester - phone them first to check stock levels. Note for anyone not in Manchester wherever you are ... Fan Boy 3 is less than 10 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station, Chorlton Street Coach Station and you can get to Fan Boy 3 from Manchester Airport (serving the world) in about 30 minutes on the road if you're travelling at an off-peak time - or only about 15 minutes on the train.

If you are in the USA and want a 101 board but can't currently afford the price plus postage, do let us know if you are interested - as if there is enough demand (and there have been various enquries) we may see if we can ship several copies at one time to the USA and then be able to charge less for the postage.