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NEWS AND EVENTS: Competitions

Rule change to Pacru from March 1st 2011 Meeting Rule: R12 (i.e. Rule 12 but the numbering is the same in all language versions of published 302 rules) .. Modify 2nd sentence to read "When this happens, and at least one of your opponents has at least 9 markers on the board, you can change an unoccupied field anywhere on the board to your own colour."

Forthcoming competitions

Results Tables For Each Game

Forthcoming competitions in UK

Currently next planned events are: World Championships for Pacru & Azacru, Manchester England November 2016.

World Championship for Shacru, London England August 2016 as part of MSO.

If you are in a country where there is currently no Pacru or Azacru competition but you'd like to organise one then please get in touch and we should be able to assist.
There is now a comprehensive history of results at the MSO, details of the games, and profiles of some contestants at external page: Mind Sports Olympiad Games and Results.
as well as information at the official Mind Sports Olympiad website

If there is sufficient time Pacru/Azacru/Shacru competitive events will be "all play all". However if the number of competitors makes this impossible then the events work on the "Swiss System" which is a non-knockout system, so that all players (unless the number of entrants is an odd number) play in every round. Points are awarded for a win or draw and then the "Swiss System" is worked by arranging the matches after the first round so that players compete against those who have a similar number of points. If enough rounds are played then by the end of the competition the players with the most points will all have played each other, and similarly with the players with the least. It is a reasonable way of deciding a competition without having to play a league where every entrant must play every other entrant, for which there may not be sufficient time (though this is done where possible). For more information try using a search engine with the search terms encyclopedia "swiss system" .

Forthcoming competitions (non-UK)

We'd be particularly interested if anyone wished to organise an event at one of the competition festivals in Prague, Czech Republic. Get in touch!

Past competitions

At various times Pacru/Azacru/Shacru events formed part of the IAGO World Tour. IAGO is the International Abstract Games Organization.

The old version of the results page, where competition results were added one by one, can be found here.