Welcome to Pacru!

Pacru is an intriguing new strategic board game that you can play either here or on a real board. With this program, you can

  • play with friends around your PC;
  • play with others across the internet;
  • pit your wits against the Machine (which doesn't play expertly, so you have a good chance of winning!

This software works on Internet Explorer 6 on Windows.
Please write to us (infopacru.com) if it doesn't work properly for you.

Pacru can be played by two, three or four players. All or some of them can be at different locations (though if you all crowd around one machine, you don't have to keep your internet connection up).

If you're playing with someone over the internet, it helps to arrange some separate way of chatting with them. The phone will do; or you can use Windows Messenger or an internet chatroom.

If all the players are at this machine:



Machine plays blue


Quick game -- 60 moves.


If you're playing over the Net:

Your computer's name (optional):


Your name in this game:


(A name should be all one word of letters or numbers.)


Brief intro


Prompt me
Show possible moves
Bigger picture
Show game log Resign...


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Mike Wellman asserts his rights to the design of the game and copyright in the rules.
Alan Wills asserts his copyright in the software.