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WHAT & WHY: PACRU, SHACRU & AZACRU: Rules in Many Languages

PDF Full Rules In Various Languages

Rule change to Pacru from March 1st 2011 Meeting Rule R12 (i.e. Rule 12 but the numbering is the same in all language versions of published 302 rules) Modify 2nd sentence to read When this happens, and at least one of your opponents has at least 9 markers on the board, you can change an unoccupied field anywhere on the board to your own colour.

This rule change has not yet been included in the PDFs below but this be done as soon as possible
Please notify us of any errors or omissions, or feel free to ask for clarifications on anything that seems ambiguous.
Many thanks to all our translators.

Starting positions for all games

Each player is represented by one colour.

It is traditional for players to sit directly in front of the side where there is a chevron of their colour placed in the middle of that side, and traditional in the 3 player game for the player "in the middle" to take the first move.

Setting up the board for the opening position

If there are three or four players in the game, then each player has three chevrons to start: for the two player game each has four.

Pacru Rules

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Shacru Rules

Shacru Summary Rules
Shacru Rules With Diagrams

Azacru Rules

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Pacru, Shacru, Azacru Variants

Pacru Variant: Pashacru for 3 or 4 players

Shacru variant: Lilacru ... even simpler game ... twist-less