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STOP PRESS .... Alain Dekker wins Pacru Championships for 5th year running. David M Pearce 2nd and Bijan Mehdinejad 3rd.

Info on the Championship results exists on the news page - but a table of results over the last 5 years will be up here shortly.

The2nd World Pacru Championships   at the Mind Sports 8th Olympiad in Manchester, England  occured on Monday August 30th 2004.

The champion was Alain Dekker for the second successive year, with Bijan Mehdinejad taking silver and Adam Flowers bronze.

The first World Pacru Championship was held on 25th August 2003 as part of the MSO7.

It was a keenly fought competition with 12 entrants, many with a strong background in other games (e.g. Chess, Go, Othello). There were 9 English entrants, 1 French, 1 Hungarian & 1 South African. Medals:
Gold: Alain Dekker (South Africa)
Silver: Josiah Lutton (England)
Bronze: Ben Haytack (England) Josiah and Ben also picked up the top 2 junior medals
Junior Bronze: Sam Hardy (England)

Photos from the 1st Pacru World Championship