Pacru World Championships

Pacru World Championships are held at the Mind Sports Olympics.


The Mind Sports Olympics promotes various different "mind sports": not just abstract strategy games. Mainly active in the UK there are also tournaments elsewhere. For the next 3 years (at least) the annual Olympiad will be in Manchester. 

Enter the next Championship in Manchester, England on August 30th 2004!

There will be morning and afternoon sessions. The championship works on the "Swiss System" so that players generally will play the same number of games (no "knock out"). Depending on the number of entrants there will be probably be about 20-25 minutes per player per game: so if you want to enter you need to practice playing quickly.

First World Pacru Championships

The first World Pacru Championship was held on 25th August 2003 as part of the Mind Sports 7th Olympiad in Manchester, England. It was a keenly fought competition with 12 entrants, many with a strong background in other games (e.g. Chess, Go, Othello). There were 9 English entrants, 1 French, 1 Hungarian & 1 South African.


Gold: Alain Dekker (South Africa)
Silver: Josiah Lutton (England)
Bronze: Ben Haytack (England)

Josiah and Ben also picked up the top 2 junior medals
Junior Bronze: Sam Hardy (England)

Pictured below: Alain, Josiah, Ben and Sam (with Lady Mary Tovey handing out the medals)

Games from the championship


Learning Pacru In Short Time

Games players from around the world getting their heads around Pacru.