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Meet up with Pacru players on-line

We are working on providing a community facility for Pacru players to meet and arrange to play. This will be available soon. Temporarily we are using a Yahoo Pacru group as a way of letting players arrange games with strangers (it works as a mailing list so that you will get email from anyone who wants to play). For this you have to sign up to yahoo and join the pacru group, both of which are fairly straightforward. We will probably use another way of doing at some point as we do not like the advertising involved but we wanted to get a quick and established way of getting across-the-net play going. We haven't been promoting this so there are aren't massive numbers of people yet (August 2004).

There is currently a pretty good chance of finding someone to play on a Friday lunchtime 12.30 (UK time). Just choose "play with people on the web", and enter your name in the box, and click when someone shows up on the page as available to play.