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Divacru Rules

Divacru Rules copyright Mike Wellman
Same as Lilacru with the following additions:
Borderland change. When you move a piece so that it crosses a border and set your piece down in a different borderland (a border crossing) then you must replace one of the unoccupied neutral tiles in this new borderland (if there are any) with a tile of your colour.
You may not change a tile that is occupied by a piece.
You can use your turn in a different way and instead of moving one piece, you can reorient one piece.
Reorient. When you reoreint a piece by 45 degrees, you must choose two of your own tiles and change them back to neutral. .
You can only reorient a piece if you have at least one other piece you could move if you chose to: if none of your pieces can move you miss your turn. It is possible that if you cannot move this turn another player may subsequently reorient and change tiles to neutral with the consequence that you are able to move at a later turn.